A Branding pivot

yuasa Battery
sharpening the edge

After nearly a decade of the same brand message, the departure of the longtime CEO left one of the world’s largest power sports battery companies searching for a brand pivot. They were looking to appeal to a younger demographic and to have their image updated to something with more excitement and edge.

The client asked us to show them several concepts of new brand messaging. They also asked for a range of tones from slightly younger to “as brash as possible”. I saw an opportunity to stretch the teams creative muscles and include each team member’s creativity in a high profile international brand’s campaign.

A Friendly Contest

Each Designer on the team produced 2 new original concepts, ready to ship to the client. Then we conducted a series of group critiques, refining the options. The final pieces were a combination of everyone’s work. This provided a sense of investment from everyone on the team.

A Multitude of Assets

The Yuasa campaign included a multitude of assets including print design, animated Google display ads, static display ads, and a set of instructional videos for the corporate Youtube page. This required the entire team to quickly expand their skills to everything from storyboarding to animation.


Team Skills Growth

The Yuasa campaign became a growth experience for all of us. The diversity of the assets needed required that every member of the team reach beyond their creative comfort zone, and during the whole campaign there was a palpable spirit of teamwork and colaboration as we all learned new skills together.

Variations developed by the team

video production
with a graphic design team

The design team really came together arround the production of a set of instructional videos for Yuasa. Although none of us had a background in it we all learned together about the challenges and processes of video production.