Developing an industry standard

Tait Towers
branding for the stage

Tait Towers is the largest producer of staging and rigging for the touring spectacle industry. I began my time at Tait in 2007 and over the next 6 years I developed a system of labeling and branding for the stage that has become a standard not just for the Tait organization, but for the entire industry.

Until that point the standard at Tait was a piece of white gaffers and some sharpie. I developed it into a system in which each piece of a stage left the shop designated and branded with an accompanying set of instruction.

Instructional Systems

As head of the instructional design department, I was responsible for working with the engineers and the road technicians who would build the stage every night, to design an designation scheem and instructions for each product. This employed not only my graphic design skills but also 3d drafting and product development.


Branded Graphics

Once every piece of the stage had been designated and a set of assembly instructions had been made, it was up to me to create branded graphics for each piece of the the stage. These ranged in size from 6 inch deck designation labels to huge spalsh graphics for large modular props and machinery.


Client Relations

The touring event industry is home to some of the most colorful clients I’ve ever worked with. Often times I would be dealing with a litany of requests from roadies, production staff, tour managers, and even the artists themselves. All in an industry that runs on the moto that “it’s going to change overnight so STAY AWAKE.”

A Variety Of Works From My Time At Tait

As the lead designer of the companies art department I was called on to produce a wide variety of work, from designs for branded products, to individual designations for each piece of a stage, to the companies annual publications, as well as tour t-shirts and gear.

Production and
Team Management

After 6 years the companies graphic department had evolved from me as the soul designer to 3 full time designers and multiple production people. I managed the creative output as well as the print shop production of graphic product and application on all Tait gear.